Wedding Objections: Seen One Happen?


You know that part in every wedding where the person officiating the wedding asks that if anyone objects they speak now or forever hold their peace? Do people really do that? Stand up and object to a marriage? Seems like it’s a little late at that point.

What about BEFORE your wedding has anyone ever tried to talk you out of marrying your spouse?

Buzzfeed asked that question and found it’s more common than you think, with responses like this from user @bethramseya

“Right before the wedding, my aunt pulled me aside for a quick walkabout (in my dress and everything!) to let me know she thought I was making a huge mistake and she just couldn’t watch it happen without telling me.”

And this one from user @beautifulamari

“My late grandfather was a reverend, he married my older cousin and his fiancée. My mother, brother and I didn’t attend the wedding, but my late grandma told us that my older cousin was so drunk that he kept objecting to his own wedding and my grandfather kept asking if he meant to object.”

You can read more objection stories here



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