Tire Flip Fundraiser for Batson

All proceeds go towards the Mississippi Miracles Radiothon in support of Children’s of Mississippi.

When: Saturday, February 15
Day-of registration begins at 10 a.m.
Competition starts at 11 a.m

Where: Flowood YMCA (690 Liberty Road in Flowood, MS)

Registration: $25 until Friday, Feb. 14, and increases to $35 on the day of the event.

Register here

The first 250 participants will receive a FREE event shirt!

For more information, contact Scott Steele at 601-540-6467.


“Tire Flip For Batson Children’s Hospital” Official Contest Rules

1. $25 (donation) necessary for entry prior to Friday, February 14, 2020. Day of
registration will be $35.
2. The contest is open to all legal Mississippi residents ages 12 and older.
3. This contest is open to the general public who sign a release and waiver of liability.
4. The contest will be held on February 15, 2020 with registration beginning at
10:00am and the event at 11:00am at the Flowood YMCA located at 690 Liberty
Rd., Flowood, MS 39232.
5. To enter the contest, individuals must register in advance by sending a text with
the word “FLIP” in the message to each station text line, or by visiting each station
website.. Entries may also be accepted prior to the start of the event provided the
maximum limit of 500 people hasn’t been reached during the pre-registration time
6. Registrants must provide name, address, phone number, age, gender, email
address, and shirt size information on registration form.
7. Registrants are required to wear tennis shoes to participate in the event. No cleats
or open toed shoes will be allowed.
8. Participants must be physically able to flip the tire weight designated for their
determined age/sex classification. All age/sex classification groups will flip the
same size tire.
9. Five participants per age/sex category at a time will compete against each other.
Each participant must flip their tire in their designated lane from the start line to the
finish line. The person who crosses the finish line first will advance to the next
heat. The number of heats will be determined by actual number of participants in
each category. The winner of each category will strictly be based on skill and not
10. We reserve the right to adjust the length of the course to best fit the participants
and categories. There will be an approximate distance of 75-100 feet from start
line to finish line.
11. The Flowood YMCA shall provide a judge(s) who will determine the winner of each
heat. Judge(s) decisions are final. Poor sportsmanship or arguments shall result in
12. One winner from each category shall be determined the winner and receive a
13. Individuals and teams shall be allowed to participate. Teams shall consist of 5
members. Teams will only compete in the team category against other 5 person
14. Barriers shall be placed between lanes to keep tires from infringing on another
participant. In the event a tire crosses a barrier, the person’s tire who crosses the
barrier shall be disqualified.
15. Event t-shirts will be available on a first come first serve basis and are limited to
the first 100 registrants. The first 100 Participants will receive an event t-shirt on
site during pre-registration on the morning of the event. Walk-up registrants are
not guaranteed a t-shirt.
16. Each pre-registered contestant and day of contestant will sign a liability waiver at
the event or not be allowed to participate.
17. All State, local, Federal and/or other taxes or other fees for prizes awarded
become the sole responsibility of the winner. All those who win prize/prizes valued
at or over $600 will be issued an IRS form 1099 to report their winnings and will be
given a W-9 for completion at the time of winning.

18. All prizes are awarded “as is.” Gifts are nontransferable and cannot be exchanged
unless otherwise noted.
19. New South Radio, Inc., dba The Radio People, (dba The Radio People, WIIN-AM/FM,
WJKK-FM, WHJT-FM, WYOY-FM, WUSJ-FM, YMCA and all event sponsors and
volunteers, as well as any owners, officers, directors, agents, employees, successors or
assigns of the aforementioned parties, in addition to all other persons who are either
directly, or indirectly involved with the activity in which the participant is registering
(collectively the “Released Parties”), shall be released from any and all liabilities, claims,
damages and demands and all other liabilities. Event sponsors shall not be responsible
for the terms and conditions or failure of participating sponsors to deliver prizes as
20. All entrants and winners agree that New South Radio, Inc., dba The Radio People
their employees, owners, successors and assigns and the listed contest sponsors
shall have no liability and shall be held harmless for any injury, misfortune, loss,
claim, expense or damage to either persons or property as a result of entering,
participating in, winning, or losing any contest or by the use or non-use of any
prize received.
21. Valid Mississippi identification may be required to claim prizes. Winners may be
asked to fill out a Winner’s Affidavit and Release.
22. All entry blanks, forms devices and materials, as well as all the information
contained on or within, gathered during the course of entry, shall become the sole
property of the station or the appropriate contest sponsor to be used, disposed of
or destroyed at the discretion of the station, host and/or sponsors.
23. All entrants and winners agree that New South Radio, Inc., dba The Radio People,
sponsors, Children’s of Mississippi may broadcast or publish or post on the
internet their name, city of residence, photo, video tape, film or any other likeness,
including their picture, voice (recorded or live), for any reason the sponsor deems
necessary without compensation. All entrants further agree to hold the station,
Children’s of Mississippi, Flowood YMCA, and/or sponsors harmless and without
liability for such publication, broadcast or use.
24. New South Radio, Inc., the Flowood YMCA, Children’s of Mississippi and contest
sponsors reserve the right to change and/or end a contest at any time without any
advance notice to the public.
25. The station/sponsors reserve the right to limit the number of times an individual
may enter the contest.
26. Violations of any of these rules or attempts to win any contest by fraud, deception,
or cheating shall be grounds for the contest station/sponsors to disqualify the
individual from participating in all current and future contests and events at the
sole discretion of the station/sponsors, as well as forfeiture of any prize of prizes
won by fraudulent means. Station/sponsors reserve the right to administer a
polygraph to any entrant.
27. All entry forms must be completely and legibly filled out or the entry form could be
28. Station/sponsors reserve the right to amend the rules of the contest as they deem
fit and in the interest of the contest.
29. In all instances, decisions of the station/sponsors are final

Download a copy of rules here: TireFlip2020rules