Signs Your Significant Other Is Still Madly in Love With You

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here are some telltale signs your partner is still totally and utterly in love.
They show genuine interest in your day.
Even if you’ve been together for decades, your partner is still very much in love with you if they regularly ask about your day, writes psychologist Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph.D., in Psychology Today. “During that time you spend together, does your partner ask about, and show interest in, the high and low points of your workday? Couples build their love for each other not necessarily on the ethereal, but on the practical supports that keep communication routes open,” says Whitbourne.
They look at you.
Like, really look at you. Do you still catch your partner glancing at you from across the table when you’re out with friends? Or watching you intently while you tell a story? That’s an important nonverbal cue that they’re still in love with you, says Whitbourne.
They love nothing more than talking about the past.
If your partner often starts conversations with “Remember the time we…?” it points to the fact that the memories the two of you share are some of their favorites to look back on. As long as they still make an effort to stay in the present with you, too, taking a walk down memory lane is never a bad thing.
They want to boost your self-esteem.
When your partner is in love with you, they’ll constantly want to give you compliments and bolster your self-esteem. According to Whitbourne, someone who makes you feel good about yourself can make you feel more secure in your partnership and with yourself.
They still want to learn more about you.
When you’ve been with someone for a number of years, it can get harder to talk about personal matters as opposed to everyday mundane issues—things like who needs to take out the trash or pick up the kids. However, when your partner is still in love with you, they’ll always want to keep learning. Find time to have more intimate conversations—either about your relationship or your innermost thoughts—every few weeks.
They don’t complain about doing things that you like.
If your partner is still in love with you, they won’t mind trekking to your favorite restaurants, parties, or other events. That’s because they simply enjoy spending time with you—no matter what that time may look like.
They put their phone down around you.
If your partner is in love with you, they value the time you spend together. And especially in the 21st century, that means finding some phone-free time to sit down and reconnect. Research backs this, too. In one study published in the Psychology of Popular Media Culture, researchers discovered a link between a partner’s dependence on their smartphone and their security in their relationship. Unsurprisingly, people who were less dependent on their smartphones felt more secure in their relationships.
They never threaten to break up with you.
It’s true: Using the “d” word or threatening to break up with your significant other can make your partner feel as though those options are always on the table. If your partner has never once threatened to call it quits, it means that a life without you has likely never crossed their mind.
They respect your views.
Your partner can possess entirely different views from you and still manage to embrace your ideas. And according to Whitbourne, this ability to understand and accept one another’s differences means the two of you have an unbreakable connection. “The key feature is not what your beliefs are,” says Whitbourne, “but how open you are to accepting your partner’s perspective as valid.”
They listen
Sometimes, you just really need great advice. And at times, your partner does, too. The fact that your partner is compassionate enough to not only give you advice, but to take the advice that you delve out, points to the fact that they truly value your opinion. According to nonprofit loveisrespect, your partner truly loves you when they can value your opinion—and trust you enough to ask for your advice in the first place. And for more advice on love (that doesn’t have to come from your significant other),
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