Morning Mix

Shannon Steele– Born and raised in Birmingham, I’m a Southern girl through and through which means I love my family, college football and sweet tea! I also love photography, spontaneous road trips, quirky British TV shows, researching my family tree and exploring museums.

Since my start in radio back in the 90s, I’ve worked in some great cities like Atlanta, Birmingham, Albuquerque, Fresno, Tulsa and Nashville.

If you’re on Instagram, follow me here. I love featuring photos of the beauty of the South and the historic spots I visit. I’d love to see the photos you’re sharing and give you a peek into my life.

Brian Stauffer– Started working in radio when he was a senior in high school and hasn’t looked back. Originally from Dallas, TX (Go Cowboys!) Brian has lived in several cities doing what he has always loved, including Denver, Miami and Grand Rapids, MI. Although he new to Jackson his oldest brother has lived here since 2001. He also has a 12 year old son named Owen. Brian loves to entertain and has been featured as an actor in several TV shows including Burn Notice plus you can see him get in a bar fight in the music video for Joe Nichols “What’s a Guy Gotta Do”. Brian is an avid guitar player and loves to do stand up comedy. He loves to emcee local events and being apart of charity events. When he isn’t hosting the Morning Mix with Shannon and Brian he also has his own mobile DJ business!