Sarah Thomas Helps Laurel Mom on Flight

Brandon’s Sarah Thomas is making history AGAIN this weekend. But what she did for a mom who was flying solo with her two young kids is equally inspiring. As a reminder, Thomas made history four years ago when she became the NFL’s first full time female official. She’ll make history again this weekend when she becomes the first woman to officiate an NFL playoff game. Which is amazing in and of itself. But the real life, every day stuff…who you are when people aren’t watching, shows your true character. And Sarah has shown herself to be thoughtful and and such a warm soul as one Laurel mom put it!

Elizabeth Harris was traveling with her two young children. They were on a flight home from Denver and she was nervous about flying with her two young sons, without her husband. Her 4 year old was being a big helper but her 1 year old had a little meltdown as the plane started to descend. He was screaming and as his mom put it…stressing out everyone on the flight!

But what happened next is awesome:

Right then, this kind, gorgeous woman swooped by, grabbed my son and said “I bet he just needs a change of scenery,” taking him back to where she and her sons and daughter were sitting. He calmed down right away and loved her so much I didn’t know if he’d ever want to come home. Turns out, he’s got great instincts because he was in THIS incredible groundbreaking lady’s arms. Sarah Thomas this kick butt woman was also the kindest, warmest soul who saved me and an entire plane full of people from a baby hissy fit.

Don’t you just love that! What a great reminder that we all need to stick together and help each other out!





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