July 31, 2015
10:27 pm

John Anthony

John is nearing his ninth year with Mix98.7 and looking forward to each opportunity 
to get out and meet people around the metro.  
“I have one of the coolest jobs in the world, one that I look forward to everyday…
 I try to meet one person  each day, from some walk of life”. 

When he’s not working, John enjoys spending time with several life-long
 friends that live here in the metro, aswell as several family members close 
by, and traveling to Minnesota to visit his daughter Jennifer and 3 
grandsons. “I’m pretty much guaranteed a ‘White Christmas’ every year 
when I go to Minneapolis for Christmas with the family.” 

Being a native of Columbus, MS,  John is always up for a road trip to visit 
his family or a swing through Meridian, another favorite place to visit.

Recently, he went to Alaska on vacation and may have taken up a new hobby…
salmon fishing. Be sure to check out John weekday afternoons from 3-7
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