July 23, 2014
2:27 am


Monday through Friday (Except some holidays)

Let's Get Trivial (6:20 am) - Answer the trivia question and get great prizes from different companies you use every day, like Box Tops for Education, Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, Nature Valley, Big G cereals and lots more!

Mystery Oldie (7:20 am) - Guess the title and artist of the song clip and win lunches at local restaurants, tickets to concerts and shows and local attractions!

Mid Morning Mug N Munch with Krispy Kreme (Drawings on Mondays, 8:10 am) - Send an email with your full name, phone number, where you work and the physical address to morningmix@mix987.com (or just click HERE). Random drawing winner gets 2 dozen original glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts, a Brewbox of coffee and a Mix 98.7 travel mug delivered to their office! 

Drive @ 5 Trivia (5:05 pm) - John tests your thinking caps every day for great prizes! (Yes, it's a TEST.)

Other contests as announced.

General Contest Rules:
One winner per HOUSEHOLD, per THIRTY DAYS (In other words, you cannot win the Mystery Oldie on Tuesday and Drive @ 5 Trivia the next Wednesday). Mix 98.7 reserves the right to deny prizes to any person taking advantage of the giveaway system.

All calls can be played back at any time. Any calls containing profanity or obscenity will be edited or deleted at the jock's discretion.

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