Jackson Connection to Super Bowl Ad

If you’re not familiar, Natty Light beer (Natural Light)  gave a collective $1,000,000 last year to fans across the country to help offset the crippling $1.5 trillion in collective student loan debt across America. This year, they’re coming back with an even stronger commitment to college loans with an emphasis on Jackson and other cities with crippling student loan debt.

Jackson is in the top ten cities in America hit hardest by student loan debt (according to Forbes). The median loan balance in Jackson is $20,469 and 24.8% owe more than $50,000.  Natural Light will be airing a local Super Bowl ad in Jackson, highlighting that reality and how they’re helping alleviate some of the debt with a 10-year, $10,000,000 commitment towards student loan debt in America.

They’re giving you the chance to pay down student loans and it’s as simple as posting a video to social media with your inspiration for going to college.

Here are the details from Natty Light
We love our fans so much though, a million and a Super Bowl ad didn’t quite feel like enough. That’s why we’re also teaming up with Cash App to pay out a collective $53,001 during Super Bowl 53 to 151 lucky fans who share how they’re celebrating the big game this year. Each fan will get $351 (the average monthly student loan payment according to Student Loan Hero) to make sure their monthly loan payment doesn’t stop them from having the gameday celebration they deserve.

Complete contest rules and how to enter can be found here
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