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The Friday edition of #GoodFolks comes from Beaumont, Texas where principal Belinda George is helping brighten Tuesday (and every day) for her students at Homer Drive Elementary School.

Belinda is the kind of teacher who changes their students’ lives by connecting with them even when she goes home for the day.

94% of her students comes from disadvantaged homes and reading scores have been a challenge at the school in the past.

So Belinda had the idea to start “Tucked-In Tuesdays” to ensure every student has the opportunity to have a bedtime story, and hopefully feels more encouraged to read on their own.

Belinda gets on her pj’s, grabs a book, and gets on to Facebook Live to read a bedtime story to her students and families. She even offers “advanced reader points” as a reward for tuning in.And it’s made a difference. Since Belinda has become principal and started “Tucked In Tuesdays”, the literary and reading comprehension scores have improved.

As to why Belinda uses her time off to connect with students, she says: “The bottom line is I love kids. I know if I don’t reach them outside of school, I may never reach them in school.”

Source: 12NewsNow

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