#GoodFolks Regina Wallace and Pothole Cupcakes

Every morning on The Morning Mix, I share a story about Good Folks who are spreading kindness, making the community a better place. And in the case of today’s story, reminding us you can find joy, even in the frustrating stuff of life. Have a story to share? Email me – Shannon

Regina Wallace knows what you know…there’s a LOT Of potholes in Jackson. Regina decided that instead of complaining about the ones you have to avoid, she would create some potholes that you don’t have to drive around or curse when you hit ’em. As pastry chef at Heavenly Sweetz in Midtown, she’s created Pothole Cupcakes. Complete with the little orange cone.

I love that Regina has taken something that annoys us and she’s given us something to smile about. Plus, it’s a pothole you can make disappear…by eating it in all its deliciousness. You can order them here.

Source: WLBT


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