#GoodFolks Mobile Shower for Homeless

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The homeless face many challenges, one being the difficulty in getting access to a shower.  Even if they can get to a shelter, the shelter may not have a shower.  Flowood business woman, Teresa Renkenberger, has a heart for the homeless in the Jackson metro. She struck up a friendship with a homeless man named Bennie Flowers that led her to create a solution to one issue facing the homeless.

After spending a lot of time with Bennie she asked him: “how long has it been since you’ve had a shower?” His response “A year, Ms. Teresa.” When she left Benny that day, her mind was racing and soon after she realized something could be done: A MOBILE SHOWER unit!  When Teresa suggested the idea to Bennie he was excited and said, “more than food, I need a shower.”

The Shower Power Mobile Shower Unit is a food truck that Renkenberger bought with her own money. The truck is being converted into a two-stall shower on wheels.

As Teresa puts it, “We want to bring hospitality to the streets by delivering mobile hygiene services to people experiencing  homelessness.  It’s about taking time to show people that you care, and restoring dignity by providing resources needed for self-care.”

If you want to help with Shower Power, they have an Amazon Wish list for Hygiene items that you can find here . To learn more about the effort and how you can volunteer and sponsor Shower Power, visit this website and connect with Teresa Renkenberger, one of the Good Folks!

Source: WLBT
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