#GoodFolks 3rd Graders Secret Toy Drive For Classmate

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Daniel Hunt lost all of his possessions after a fire destroyed his family’s home.

In a beautiful show of support, his teachers and classmates started a secret toy drive to help him replace all that he lost.

On Sept. 27, the class presented Daniel with all of the games and toys they collected for him.

In the video, the students hide behind their desks as Daniel entered the classroom before jumping up and shouting “Surprise!” Daniel’s immediate reaction was that of awe as he took in all of his friends and the desk piled up with toys.

His next reaction, before taking a look at any of the gifts, was to ask his classmates for a hug.

One of the many photos shared, showcased the moment Daniel was embraced in a group hug by his fellow third graders.

The Philadelphia Elementary School shared several photos of a very ecstatic Daniel showing off his new games and toys as well as reading cards given to him as well.

“He was so surprised and thankful,” officials from the school wrote.

The special moment caught on camera has now gone viral but school officials are just very proud of their students.

Source: Fox 5