Careers Parents Want Their Kids to Go into and the Ones They Want Them to Avoid

Credit: diignat Collection: iStock / Getty Images Plus

When you think of the career your son or daughter may have in the coming years, do you have a preference in mind? A career you WISH they’d pursue. Or a career you HOPE they’ll avoid? 

A new survey asked 2,000 parents that question and found that most parents agree that computer jobs are good, interacting with people is bad. 

Here are the top five careers we want for our kids:

1. Engineering, 48% of parents.

2. Coding, 45%.

3. Finance, 39%.

4. Healthcare, 36%.

5. I.T., 34%.

And the five careers we don’t want them to have are:

1. Sales, 2%.

2. Retail, 3%.

3. Transportation and logistics, 5%.

4. Human resources, 5%.

5. Journalism and publishing, 5%.

Source: SWNS