Banning Babysitters From Phone and Social Media


Babysitters and nannies play such a vital role in the well being of your child. With that in mind, many parents are banning babysitters from using their cell phone or social media when they are on the job.
Parents are making this request for a few reasons:
  • They want to be sure caregivers won’t be on their phones when they should be watching the children.
  • Distractions from phones deprive kids of attention.
  • Many moms and dads are setting strict limits on the amount of time kids can spend with screens — or banning devices altogether. And they want their babysitters to set an example to the children they care for.
  • Parents don’t want their babysitter posting pictures of or stories about the kids they care for, with many parents saying they don’t even post photos of their own children on social media (due to privacy and safety concerns)
Have you ever banned a babysitter from using their phone on the job? Asked them to stay off social media? Or do you think it’s too big of an ask in this day and age?

Source: Bloomberg

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