Annoying Co-Worker Habits

We spend a lot of time with our co-workers. Even if you like most of them, there are things they do that can annoy you. Sometimes your co-worker lacks self-awareness and boundaries and sometimes they’re just inconsiderate.  What are some of the worst offenses in the workplace?

Employees across the country were asked that question and shared:

Hogging the bathroom for social reasons – It’s not uncommon for people to bring their phones into the bathroom with them, and this could be a big problem if your office has solo bathrooms instead of several stalls.

Paying attention to your phone, not the people you are with – Too many people are guilty of looking at their phones during meetings, which basically is just telling someone there’s something more important than whatever it is your discussing.

Faking special needs to get preferential treatment – Apparently some employees think it’s okay to lie in order to get special accommodations at the office, like sitting near windows, or bringing their emotional support animals to the office.

Bringing stinky fitness gear to their work station – Yes it’s great for your health that you bike to work, or exercise before the office. It isn’t so great that your co-workers need to see and smell you drying your stinky clothes at your desk.

So, what do you do if your co-worker engages in annoying behavior in the workplace? Experts say you should try and bring up the subject in a lighthearted way. If joking about it doesn’t work, talk to the offender in a nice and direct way. Sometimes they really don’t understand that their habits can drive you crazy. And people need to be given the chance to make a change.

Source: New York Post


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