Love Beliefs You Should Rethink

• Belief #1: When you meet The One, it’ll be love at first sight. Go ahead and ditch that notion right now. It takes time for love to develop. For some people, physical chemistry plays such a big role at the outset, that it’s mistaken for love at first sight. However, that genuine emotion develops gradually. You can’t truly love someone unless you know them – and that takes time.

• Belief #2: Absence makes the heart grow fonder. A little absence can help you appreciate your partner, but too much is dangerous. Relationships need connection, and it’s challenging to stay connected when you aren’t spending time together. You need a steady stream of face-to-face intimacy to remember why you’re in the relationship.

• Belief #3: Play hard to get. It’s not about playing hard to get – you should truly be hard to get, by having a life that’s already busy and fulfilling.  Pretending you’re hard to get starts the romance off on a deceptive foot, and if you want a relationship to be based on trust, honesty and communication – this isn’t the way to get it.

• Belief #4: Having kids will bring you closer. Although children are a great source of joy, they’ll also cause you to lose time and privacy – testing your relationship in a whole new way. In fact, couples report that their relationships were tested the most when their children were born through age 4. So, if you decide to have kids, make sure you and your spouse are ready to handle the added stress because they’re anything but band-aids.

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