10 Slang Words You Need To Know in 2019

You need to be prepared for all kinds of new slang coming your way in 2019. Below you’ll find the top 10 slang words you’ll hear in 2019. Read up so you’ll know what people are talking about and won’t be completely lost this year and get an extra look from a total ratchet.

  1. “Tea.” = “gossip.” So if you “spill tea” about someone, you’re talking behind their back.
  2. “Beat.” = applying make-up as in “I gotta go beat my face”.
  3. “Snatched.” = It means you look good aka you’re “looking snatched”.
  4. “Basic.” = anything mainstream is basic. Pumpkin spice lattes, a tattoo of a Chinese character, and having dinner at the Cheesecake Factory could all be described as “basic.”
  5. “G.O.A.T.” = “Greatest Of All Time”.
  6. “Extra” = over the top.
  7. “Gucci.” = good.
  8. “Keep it 100.” = “keep it real.”
  9. “Ratchet.” = someone who’s obnoxious, rude, or trashy.
  10. “Bae” = “Before Anyone Else” aka that special someone.
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